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Which products are included in the Data Center booster campaign?

The following product lines are within the scope of the Datacenter Booster Program:

  • X86 / IA SERVER (e.g. PRIMERGY servers and components, OEM Microsoft, OEM Nutanix)
  • STORAGE PRODUCTS (e.g. ETERNUS storage and components, ETERNUS appliances)
  • MISSION CRITICAL X86 SERVER (e.g. PRIMEQUEST systems and components)

This "Booster" rebate applies to sales between Fujitsu and partners as well as sales via Fujitsu distributors, regardless of whether they are build-to-order or value-for-you promotional models.

The following products are excluded from the "Datacenter Booster" program:

  • 3rd party products such as NetApp Storage, backup software (Commvault, Veeam, Veritas), Brocade SAN switches, Quantum Tape Libraries
  • Product-related services such as service packs, top up packs and other support and solution services
  • Business application services such as application management / hosting
  • uSCALE pay-per-use business
  • Certain big size and escalated deals/offers which will be explicitly indicated in the Datacenter program Terms & Conditions 


Who can take part in the “Datacenter Booster” program?

All SELECT Partner Program members that have an active registration for the Fujitsu partner portal will automatically be considered for Datacenter Booster program. No further registration to the partner program to access the data center booster program is necessary. Fujitsu Partners need to have and maintain an active Partner Portal registration up to the end of the program (30.04.2024).

  • Fujitsu Partners with a SELECT Target Agreement (STA) will promptly receive a supplementary STA letter with further information.
  • Fujitsu partners without a SELECT Target Agreement will have their payment confirmed at the end of the promotional period, once they confirm the terms and conditions of participation.
  • Only valid in applicable countries. For more information and details, please get in touch with your account manager.

Further information on the conditions of participation and payment are available in the link to the “Paneru” dashboard below.

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