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Embracing the future of hybrid working


As many organizations look towards a more holistic redesign of work, each organisation needs to build their own story, and their own signature. Embedding this change into our ways of working is key to ensuring the lessons we have learned so far are not forgotten. The purpose, innovation, autonomy, mutual trust and transformation of society that form a part of this story all require strong leadership role modelling.

Catalysed by the onset of the pandemic, we are
experiencing a change-readiness like never before. As organisations experience this unprecedented change, so too do we have the opportunity to learn from each other, co-creating across boundaries to navigate this shift and solidify new ways of working that benefit everyone.

What is significant and unique about this report is our shared ability to capitalise on this appetite for change. We have come together across organisations, geographies and languages to share our unique organisational and individual perspectives on how we can best design the future of work.

Our hope is that this report will provide HR leaders with a basis of understanding of where we are in our respective journeys, and inspiration for further change to come as we continue redesign the future of work.

Download the Fujitsu and HSM report and find out how to: 

  • Review what work means, who does it and how work is done in order to achieve Sustainable High Performance.


  • Respond to emergent challenges of
    hybrid working.


  • Leverage the insights of a range of organizations to create a signature approach to hybrid work.

Download the HSM report

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